Solar Wind Generator SWG-615
This generator has the ability to supply gas
free electric to a workforce of up to 15
tradesmen.  The SWG-615 has replaced as
many as 4 standard gasoline generators at
our jobsite in Orchard Park, NY.  Each
individual trade saved approximately $100
per week in gasoline.  

Possible savings per year by replacing 1
gasoline generator = up to $5000.00

Return on Investment can be as fast as 1 year,
depending on daily needs.
Works in All
Solar Wind Garage BB-1950
This is a garage designed to park and charge
your electric vehicle.  It will produce enough
renewable energy generated from both solar
and wind to meet the recharging needs of any
electric vehicle, from a Chevy Volt to a fleet of
Easy Go golf carts.
Energy Transporter ET-2000/8
Transport electricity from your home or office to your

This device is IDEAL for contractor crews of up to 5
skilled tradesmen.  It replaces the noisy gasoline
generator with a quiet and convenient in-bed power
Return on Investment can be as short as LESS
THAN 1 year!
The ET-2000/8 can also be used as a short term
back up power source for your essential
appliances and devices* at your home or office in
the event of temporary power outage.

*such as refrigerator/freezer, small kitchen appliances
(coffee maker, etc), small office computers (only with
the pure sine wave inverter option), emergency lighting,
blowers on furnaces/wood stoves, and circulators for
household boiler systems.  **THIS DEVICE WILL NOT
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