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About Us
Canadice Construction and
quality have gone hand in hand
since 1981.  Canadice
Construction has over 30
years of experience in
construction and residential
building and development,
general contracting, and
We have recently branched out into renewable
energy, focusing on replacing expensive
gasoline.  Whether for your jobsite, home, or
workshop, we offer a variety of products to fit
almost any of your off-grid needs.

Our main product line is The Big Green Dog
House®, comprised or our Solar Wind
Generator and our Energy Transporter.  We
are using our experience and expertise in the
construction industry to expand into this new
renewable energy field.
Hammocks of Orchard Park, Orchard Park, NY 2008
Our mission is to replace as much gasoline
and diesel as we can with solar and wind
energy, thereby lessening America's
dependence on foreign oil, as well as
reducing our carbon footprint.  
Replacement of gasoline and diesel with
solar and wind energy is by far the most
cost effective method for the
implementation of renewable energy!
Springwater Manufacturing Facility
Latter Day Saints church, constructed in Montrose, PA 2005
Charging our Bradley GT-II and EZ-Go Golf cart off of Solar energy.
Charging our Bradley GT-II Electric car from Solar and Wind energy
Under the hood of our Bradley GT-II
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